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Explore True Radiance

A foundation that illuminates the complexion while masking imperfections without looking caked on. The result is a revived, flawless-looking complexion. Its skin care based formula hydrates the skin and smoothes features. Medium to full coverage.

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In The Clear

Freshen up your beauty routine this fall with products that go the extra mile when it comes to blemish control. Whether you’re heading back to school or just looking forward to the changing of the seasonal guard, each product in this lineup will help you face the coming months with a clear complexion. Now that’s beautiful!

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Essential Oils for Face, Hair, Nails & Scalp

Think facial oil is simply about moisture? Afraid to use oils because you think they will clog your pores? Think again! Research shows select essential oils have strong anti-aging benefits. Oils are even better for your health when they contain ingredients that not only lift your spirits, but also boost the strength and radiance of your skin.

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Take your lip look to the next level!

Take your lip look to the next level! Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor Davis shares her tips and tricks for the perfect lip look with new Always Sharp Lip Liners.

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A Natural Selection

Luxurious and eco-conscious, the following brands deserve your attention

Adding a luxurious take to eco-friendly products, there are a few brands that have successfully combined science-based research with environmentally sound practices to bring beauty fans high-quality natural additions to their regular stable of products. Now that natural and organic no longer equals hit or miss, you can take comfort in knowing that the following list will deliver, while helping the environment and your well-being.

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