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From Tips to Toes

Skip the nail salon and bring your nail care to the comfort of your home with our picks for perfect DIY digits. From prep to polish, we’ve rounded up the best tools, nail hardeners, cuticle oils, foot creams and the top shades of the season for fingers and toes that sparkle as bright as the sun. 

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Local Legends

The Canadian tuxedo, Ryan Gosling and late-night poutine are just a handful of our nation’s most celebrated exports. And our foray into the beauty world has led to countless award-winning products, cult must-haves and celebrity favorites, from some of the industry’s leading brands that you may not have realized got their roots in our home and native land. 

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Perfect Summer Scents

Hot, hazy days call for a change in your fragrance. Just like you switch up your heavy winter face creams for lighter, more weather-friendly lotions and gels when the temperature rises, you should also give your full-bodied scents a break for the summer months.

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In The Clear

Summer staples like sweat and sunscreen can wreak havoc on blemish-prone skin, leading to clogged pores, blackheads and unwelcome spots. To ensure unexpected breakouts don’t leave a blemish on your sunny days, we’ve rounded up the best summer skincare must-haves to keep your complexion as clear as the forecast.

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