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In the mood

Showing your significant other that you care for them is pretty easy on an every day basis—little love texts, calling each other by sweet nicknames or even prepping their favourite meal, often means more than words can say.

But if you want to blow them away with a thoughtful and well-timed gift this Valentine’s Day, finding them a fragrance to match their personality will speak to how well you know them, and make them fall in love with you all over again.

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Sleek & Chic

Hats off if you have your strands under control in this blustery weather. But some of us just don’t, thanks to toques and scarves that can cause friction, and the drying effects of the cold, outside climates and the forced-air inside.

Here’s how to repair damaged strands, tame wild flyaways and get the glossy, healthy hair that shampoo commercial dreams are made of.

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Beauty All-Stars

The dry January air (inside and outside) can exacerbate skin issues, including acne, redness and, especially, dry skin. With winter top of mind, it is the best time to change up your routine, helping to combat these three major skin concerns. Because really, why suffer if you don’t have to?

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The Beauty Fixer

Some women seem to have a gene that prevents them from looking a day over 30. Maybe they do have something special, but most likely they just have the right tools

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Matters of Hydration

Around this time every year, we’re already battling with the drying effects of the cold winter air outside and the circulated air inside. Be prepared this time around with a slew of products that will not only help your skin achieve a moisturized glow, but that will also help your complexion stay hydrated through all your ins and outs.

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