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Marc Jacobs Fragrances

One of the most influential designers in the world, Marc Jacobs has changed the face of fashion with a natural instinct for what women want to wear. Loved by everyone, everywhere because everything he does reflects himself. He breathes new life and electric energy into all of his creations, translating them into a design vision that is both artistic and relatable in fashion and fragrance. His fragrances reflect his reputation for luxury, quality and effortless chic. He constantly surprises us with visionary designs and innovative concepts, creating items that become expressions of high style. Much like his iconic fashions. The fragrances have become classic in their own right. One of the luxurires of frgrance and fashion is that you get to indulge in different moods and different feelings whenever you want - Marc Jacobs
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Marc Jacobs Fragrances
LOLA Eau de Parfum


by Stefanie
Love it!
May 29, 2012

This perfume has just recently been added to my wish list! I love walking into Murale and spritzing myself with this fragrance, and the best part of it all is my boyfriend compliments me every time I have it on. It has such a feminine and summery smell to it, and the bottle is beautifully to look at with its unique with the flower cap. Now all I have to do is wait for my best friend to switch perfume brand so that I can start using it as my own scent!

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Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum | Escentual.com

by EscentualCOM
Adriana Lima captures the glamour and luxury of the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, D ...
September 16, 2015

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